Tuesday, August 8, 2017

News Of The Weird

Here are just a few weird stories in the news:

First up, when HotAir links something under the title "Dude", you know it's weird.  (When they put a question mark after "Dude", it's even weirder.)  The story comes from the Chicago Sun Times, in which a burglar learns the hard way that solid waste contains DNA.

From the Los Angeles Times, jury selection continues in the Taylor Swift "groping" trial.  In this suit, someone alleged that she falsely accused him of groping her.  In a counter suit, she makes that very accusation.

As reported in Fox Carolina, a group claims to have spotted a Bigfoot in North Carolina.  Due to the fact that I live in Maryland, I'll give them credit for being only two states away.

And to finish, from ForTheWin, NFL teams have used these eight "totally weird drills" in their training camps.

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