Saturday, August 12, 2017

Music Break

For this month's music break, let's start with one relevant to an upcoming celestial event.  Back in 1973, Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon album featured the two-part song Brain Damage / Eclipse.  The video shows members of the band in the studio, the band in concert, and some then-notable public figures.  Due to some reformatting at YouTube, I can't easily change the size of the videos, so I'll put it (and the rest, of course) below the fold.

The first hit by the Dwight Twilley Band was I'm On Fire, released in 1975.  In the studio, the band consisted of Dwight Twilley (rhythm guitar & piano), Phil Seymour (drums & bass) and Bill Pitcock IV (lead guitar).  Twilley and Seymour shared the lead and backing vocals.

Years ago, while listening to the Rick Springfield version of I've Done Everything For You, a friend of mine said that it was originally by Sammy Hagar.  At the time, I didn't know who Sammy Hagar was.  But I later saw some of his videos, before he joined Van Halen.  In this one, Sammy performs the song with Gary Pihl (now of Boston) on guitar, Chuck Ruff (formerly of the Edgar Winter Group) on drums, and Bill "Electric" Church (like Hagar, formerly of Montrose) on bass, wearing a Starfleet-appropriate shirt.

Sometime around 1970, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice came out with Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which tells the story of the Israelite patriarch Joseph and his time in Egypt.  The pharaoh, a.k.a. king of Egypt, is portrayed as the king of rock, a.k.a. Elvis Presley.  In the 1999 film version, the pharaoh (Robert Torti) shows Joseph (Donny Osmond) how they rock in Egypt.  (If it were up to me, the female narrator, who hangs around with Joseph and his 11 brothers, would be named Dinah, after the only named sister of the 12.)

To finish, the last song recorded by Glen Campbell was I'm Not Gonna Miss You, from the soundtrack album of the documentary film I'll Be Me.  From the lyrics, it seems that the song might have been inspired by his ordeal with Alzheimer's disease.  Is it me, or does the song have just a tad bit of influence from John Lennon?

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