Sunday, August 14, 2016

To Hell And Back

Yes, I went there.  After seeing all those places in Ohio, I headed north to Michigan, and Hell.  This part of the trip was done for two reasons.  First, I had never been to Michigan.  It was the closest state to where I live that I have never been in.  Second, I had read about Hell, so I just had to check the place out.

As I went north in Ohio, Interstate 75 became one massive construction zone, so I got onto Ohio highway 25 and continued up to I-475, which took me around Toledo to US-23, which went north into Michigan.  I went past Ann Arbor and got off at exit 54 to take Michigan highway 36.  From the exit, it was 12 miles to Pinckney.  From there, it was a matter of following signs and driving the back roads.

Hell has several small businesses.  One of them included these signs on an outer wall.  The locals have embraced their name in a humorous way.

I stood before the gates of Hell.

If you needed some relief while visiting Hell, you could visit one of the batrooms.

I ate lunch at this infernal establishment.  I had a "witch", which in the dialect of Hell means "sandwich".

I think ZZ Top was here at one time.

Believe it or not, Hell has a chapel.  The sign to the right says "until death do us part".

Hell has a weather station, in which the type of weather is determined by observing the condition of a rock suspended by a chain.  The lowest line on the sign says "if it's missing, run like Hell".

I couldn't find the Lake of Fire, but it was just a short walk from everything shown above to an ordinary lake of water.  It had lots of aquatic plants.

According to a news article, if you've got $900,000 lying around, Hell is for sale (or was for sale as of last March).  Besides the place of eternal punishment, Hell also shares its name with a village in Norway.  This would mean that centuries ago, there literally may have been Vikings from Hell.

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