Saturday, August 6, 2016

Some Olympics News

Here are some stories from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics:

The opening ceremonies featured lots of fireworks, Brazilian music and eye candy.

This Olympiad's first Gold Medal goes to someone who probably appreciates the second amendment.

Soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo becomes the first to reach this milestone.

Solo and her teammates defeat France.

Also in soccer, Canada qualifies for the quarterfinals.

The Lebanese team won't ride the bus with their southern neighbors.

This story is not for the squeamish.

One South African runner is not your typical female athlete.

People in the equestrian media tent were given a good scare.

A Belgian wins the men's road cycling Gold Medal.

A thief is caught using the camera gear he stole from a reporter covering the games.

A Kenyan fan reports his Olympic experience.

Eleven black Olympic athletes you might not know about.

Here are some stars you won't see.

Australian relay swimmers set an Olympic record.

The games' TV ratings are down from four years ago.

And finally, one of our presidential candidates just had to use the Olympics to take a swipe at another (and neither is Mr. Bill's wife).

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