Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Links

As mid-August brings some very warm weather here in Maryland, here are some things going on:

One day after A-Rod steps down, two of the newest Yankees make baseball history.

A Kurdish delegation goes to Tehran to discuss border security.

This development has me asking "Are you serious?"

Migrants in Germany are mostly paperless, and many aren't all that honest.

A smartphone app maker predicts the presidential election.

A Swiss man sets a train on fire and attacks passengers with a knife.

Mr. Bill accuses the FBI of serving up the male bovine.

RIP Kenny Baker, who portrayed (and operated) R2D2 in Star Wars.

At the Western Wall, Jews mourn the destruction of their two Temples.

ISIS jihadis like blondes - as sex slaves.

Some Washington Redskins miss Virginia Tech alumnus Kyshoen Jarrett, who was released due to an injury.

A gunman opens fire in a North Carolina mall, but no injuries have been reported.

Russia's last remaining track and field competitor has been suspended from the Olympics.

Swimmer Michael Phelps intends to call it a career.

Olympic officials had to drain and refill a pool, because the water was green.

Italy deports a man suspected of plotting an attack on the leaning tower of Pisa.

Southern Louisiana has been hit with severe flooding.

If only the good die young (apologies to Billy Joel), here's someone who shows that the evil reaching old age is true, too.

And to finish with some good news, after Manbij, Syria is taken from ISIS, women rip their burqas and men cut their beards.

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