Friday, August 12, 2016

On The Road In Ohio - Part 2

After my visits to places near Zaleski, I got back on the road, mainly Ohio highway 56, and headed westward to Tarlton and Cross Mound Park.  The park is located less than a mile north of downtown Tarlton, but in a different county.  It features two artificial constructions built centuries apart - its namesake mound and the Salt Creek Pedestrian Bridge, of the suspension type.  The bridge was built in 1936.  Archaeologists are not sure when the mound was built.

The parking lot was long, narrow, and well-shaded by many trees.  From there, it was a short walk to the east end of the bridge, shown here.  Note the lettering above the opening.

From this angle, the bridge is somewhat obscured by trees, including the large one near the end, but its walkway and cables can still be partially seen.

Here's the bridge from the west side.

The trail continued up a hill to the mound.  I took two pictures of it, but at a low angle, its shape was not easy to discern.

In this next shot, some features can be seen a bit better.  The overall shape has been likened to a plus sign.

I returned to the road and went northward, going through Lancaster and finding OH-37 and OH-79 on the way to my next destination, an unusual covered bridge south of Hebron just off Canal Road.  The bridge is unusual because it's not on any road but along a recreational trail.  Here's the bridge seen from Canal Road.

There was a short path leading from the road to the trail, by which I could reach the bridge, seen from the north in this photo.

I took a picture looking northward from inside the covered bridge.  The trail and Canal Road both pass under the steel and concrete bridge, about 500 feet away, over which passes Interstate 70.

I continued north on Canal Road into Hebron, and from there to another place on my sightseeing list.

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