Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Links

Some things going on out there:

From the New York Post, people in India trying to take selfies, are "literally killing themselves".

From The Washington Times, a watchdog group claims that the Massachusetts legislature's exemption from the state's open meeting laws is unconstitutional.

From ARRA News Service, the effort to develop electric cars has caused lithium prices to skyrocket.

From Constitution, liberals in Kentucky want to impeach Governor Matt Bevin (R) for keeping his campaign promises.  (via Liberty Unyielding)

From CNS News, Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) says that he would pardon the man who exposed Planned Parenthood's harvesting of aborted baby parts.

From LifeNews, Planned Parenthood plans to spend over $1 million on "ads promoting Hillary Clinton".

From Fox News, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has indicated that career attorneys are working with FBI agents in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email practices.

From Medical Xpress, research at the University of Helsinki indicates that the ability to compose and arrange music may have a genetic component.

From Frontpage Mag, we have a Muslim immigration problem.

From National Review, expressing his Christian views in a book cost Atlanta's fire chief his job.

The Jakarta Post interviews a visiting Egyptian grand imam.

From The Jerusalem Post, a Sudanese man who stabbed an Israeli soldier was influenced by the ideology of ISIS.

From Politico, Marco Rubio (R-FL) criticizes Donald Trump (R-NY) for his statements on Israel.

From Vox, according to a Quinnipiac poll, Trump leads Rubio in Florida.

From Bloomberg Politics, Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY) lead in Texas, according to a Monmouth University poll.

From the Los Angeles Times, former California state Senator Leland Yee, who while advocating gun control for his fellow Americans tried to sell rocket launchers to foreigners, is going to jail.  (via Hot Air)  The LAT article is a day old, but still important enough to include, especially since it exemplifies the hypocrisy rampant among politicians.

From The Hill, Donald Trump posts a photo of himself signing a tax return.

The Daily Beast asks, "Does Obama want to carve up Syria?"

From The World Post, Turkey briefly detains a British politician sympathetic to the Kurds.

And from the Miami Herald, a few days old but still fun, pairing wine with Girl Scout cookies.

UPDATE:  Here's one more.  From AOL, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R), called a "moderate Republican", has stated that he does not wish to be considered for the vacancy on the Supreme Court.

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