Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day

This post is a first for me.  Until today, I had never published a blog post on February 29th.  I first started blogging in August 2008 for AndRightlySo, six month's after that year's Leap Day.  That blog was allowed to die in December 2011.  The site was later revived, but the pre-12/2011 content exists only in the memories of its founder, contributors and readers.  In May 2012, I started this blog, three months after that year's Leap Day.  But now in 2016, I finally get to make a Leap Day post.  With that, I'll pass on some things I've recently come across, but will use a format less specific than in my standard links posts.

Even if it's a BB gun, if a cop says "drop it", you drop it.

This time in Ohio, there's been another school shooting.

Marco Rubio (R-FL) gets an endorsement from a former senator.

Someone in Switzerland proposes "to pay people for being alive".

Holy cow, he speaks!

A conservative journalist reacts to Donald Trump's intention to "open up" our libel laws.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should anyone go to North Korea.

A Navy SEAL Senior Chief has been awarded the Medal of Honor.

Here's one judge who will probably not be considered for the current SCOTUS vacancy.

Where not to go in Alabama if you wish to avoid snobs.

Does Trump disavow support from the KKK and David Duke, or not?

And last but not least, while reading a Jonah Goldberg article, I found something that might replace waterboarding as a technique for "enhanced interrogation".

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