Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stories From The Iowa Caucus

Some stories relating to yesterday's caucus in Iowa:

From AOL, Hillary Clinton (D-NY) won six precincts by coin tosses.

From The Daily Caller, just before the Iowa caucus, a Super-PAC supporting Clinton received $6 million from George Soros.

From The Hill, NY tabloids mock Donald Trump (R-NY) after his loss.

From American Thinker, why Trump "got schlonged in Iowa".

From Fox News, Ben Carson (R-MD) accuses the campaign of Ted Cruz (R-TX) of "spreading false rumors".

From National Review, Marco Rubio (R-FL) makes a comeback.

From Yahoo News, the strong performance by Rubio is a win for the GOP establishment.

From Frontpage Mag, the Iowa results are good for Republicans and bad for the left.

From The Weekly Standard, Trump lost (if you define "losing" as coming in second) because evangelicals leaned toward Cruz.

And from the Washington Examiner, after his second-place showing, Trump had some things to say about voters and the media.

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