Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Links

Here are some things going on, as the weekend approaches:

From Real Clear Politics, President Obama gives a speech about the economy.

From American Thinker, an opinion on Obama's proposed $10/barrel tax on oil.

From Crain's Chicago Business, the Chicago Stock Exchange will be sold to a Chinese investor group.  (Interesting how a country that's supposed to be communist allows some of its people to participate in American capitalism.)

From The Baltimore Sun, a federal appeals court overturns a lower court ruling that had upheld Maryland's ban on "assault weapons".  (via Truth Revolt)

From Reuters, the German government acknowledges that ISIS is sending fighters disguised as refugees.

From The Blaze, an AP fact-check on the latest debate between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (NY) and Bernie Sanders (VT).

From Reason, supporters of Clinton and Sanders in their own words.

From the New York Post, due to reports alleging that Johnny Manziel abused his girlfriend, he gets dumped - by his agent.

From MarketWatch, a teenage girl who found a gold bar while swimming in a German lake gets to keep it.  (via the New York Post)

From, the crime spree of a modern "Bonnie & Clyde" ends with a hail of police gunfire.  He's dead, she's wounded.

From the Express, a new version of the Barbie wears a hijab.

From the Mirror, a gang of six thugs in Britain are sentenced for torturing a Muslim man, including taunting him with beer and KFC.

From the Daily Mail, a Belgian man and five Iraqi migrants are investigated for allegedly raping a drunk unconscious girl at a party.

From Fox News, the death of a British writer in Romanian has been classified as suspicious, and a Spanish man is suspected of killing a fellow Spaniard in Thailand.

From BBC News, German police have recorded 22 sexual assaults on the first night of Carnival.  (via The Washington Times)

From CBS Chicago, six people killed in a house in Gage Park were members of the same family.

From Wired, after several quiet months, Mount Sakurajima erupts.

And from Inside The Magic, "Weird Al" Yankovic will voice the title character of Disney's Milo Murphy's Law.

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