Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Links

As I ponder the residual frozen rain coating various objects in my vicinity, here are some things in the news:

From Sky News, the Russian economy is on "thin ice", as experienced by the people of Blagoveshchensk, across the Amur River from Heihe, China.

From Reuters, the rebound in oil prices loses some momentum.

From UPI, speaking of oil, the Energy Information Administration reports a "steady decrease" in the amount of crude oil imported to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

From Fox News, more snow appears to be on the way for New England.

From The Washington Free Beacon, China takes notice of the Hawaiian independence movement.

From Gateway Pundit, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) calls President Obama "delusional or in denial", thus finally realizing what he should have figured out six years ago.

From Time, former political strategist David Axelrod, in his new book Believer: My Forty Years In Politics, claims that Obama "misled Americans" when he said he was against gay marriage in 2008.  (via The Daily Caller)

From the Assyrian International News Agency, a Synod of Chaldean bishops in Iraq makes a declaration calling for efforts to liberate territory held by ISIS and to protect Iraqis returning to their homes.

From The Hill, the Obama administration refuses to release documents relating to the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

From ABC News, Obama has confirmed the reported death of Kayla Mueller, an American hostage held by ISIS.

From The Daily Signal, Raul Castro demands that Radio and TV Martí are shut down.

From The Washington Times, Vermont residents contest a proposed law expanding background checks and adding new regulations on guns.

From the New York Post, the man who videoed the arrest of Eric Garner has been arrested for selling drugs.

From CBS News, former CIA deputy director Michael Morell explains the influence of ISIS.

From The Verge, Neil Armstrong's widow finds a bag full of Apollo 11 souvenirs in the closet of their home.

And from Investor's Business Daily, a collection of late-night jokes.

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