Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Links

As the temperature in my part of Maryland reaches double figures above zero, here are some things in the news and from the blogosphere:

From American Thinker, since the Justice and Development Party started to govern Turkey, crime in that country has gotten worse.

From My Fox Chicago, Fannie Mae posted a $1.3B profit for the 4th quarter of 2014.

From Multichannel News, the 4th quarter was also good for Hallmark, which reported a 14% increase in their ad revenue.

Legal Insurrection asks, "Why is the Clinton Foundation accepting donations from foreign governments?"

From Fox News, the World Health Organization approves a test for Ebola that takes only 15 minutes to perform.

From The Telegraph, the taxi service Uber, banned in Spain from transporting people, now offers a food delivery service in Barcelona.

From The Conservative American, how America has exported our concept of mental illness.

From Reuters, as stocks decline today, as uncertainty looms over Greek debt deal negotiations.  UPDATE:  From AOL, Greece and its creditors have reached a deal.

From The Christian Post, a Christian man in Pakistan is acquitted after a four-year legal battle during which he had been tortured into confessing to a murder.

From CNN, British police have appealed for help to find three missing teenage girls believed to be trying to travel to Syria.

From Creeping Sharia, in Minnesota, a fourth Muslim has been indicted for conspiring to help ISIS.

From The (San Luis Obispo) Tribune, the mayor of Rome says that his city is not secure.

From LifeNews, in a two-week period, newspapers in Ireland published 33 pro-abortion articles and just one pro-life article.

In National Review, Kevin D. Williamson agrees with former mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NYC) that President Obama doesn't love America.

And from the Catholic News Agency, Coptic Catholics consecrate their first church in the Sinai, in Sharm El-Sheikh.  Besides the relatively well-known Coptic Church in Egypt, there is also a lesser-known Coptic Rite within the Catholic Church.  Some information on this and rites other than the Latin Rite may be found at this CERC page.

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