Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jailed For Less Than Sharpton's Tax Delinquency

Every once in a while, we hear someone on the left talk about how rich people should pay their "fair share" of taxes.  For example, when running for the presidency in 1992, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton included this idea in his campaign brochure.  More recently, President Obama, in a speech relating to the "fiscal cliff" deal, stated that he was "willing to do more", if it includes asking "the wealthiest Americans to contribute and pay their fair share".  But when it comes to wealthy Americans who just happen to be his friends, Obama doesn't seem to have much to say.  Frequent White House visitor Al Sharpton currently owes millions in unpaid taxes, yet unlike some people who have owed less, hasn't gotten in any discernible trouble for it.  Writing in Fox Business, Elizabeth MacDonald points out:
Serial tax avoidance appears to be a hallmark of Al Sharpton’s operations. But there’s a warning here: Others have gone to prison for lesser amounts. The list includes rock legend Chuck Berry, Grammy winner Lauryn Hill, Ron Isley of the Isley Brothers, Survivor reality star Richard Hatch, hotel queen Leona Helmsely, and baseball’s Pete Rose (see below).
To find out what's "below," read the full story.

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