Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Man In North Carolina Charged With Murdering Three Students

A man has been charged with first degree murder in the shooting of three university students at a condominium complex near the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill.  The victims have been identified as Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad, and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, all of whom were Muslim.  Barakat and Mohammad both graduated from North Carolina State University, at which Abu-Salha was a sophomore.  Barakat was a student at UNC's School of Dentistry, which Mohammad had also planned to attend.  Although police have not indicated a motive for the shootings, the suspect is reportedly an atheist who hates religion.  There may also have been a parking dispute between him and the victims.

Read more at WNCN, newsobserver and Reuters.

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