Sunday, February 22, 2015

ISIS In Libya Burns Drums

Via the International Business Times and brought to my attention by Red Fox Blogger:

In Libya, a group of ISIS fighters has done something that even their cohorts in Iraq and Syria, to my knowledge, haven't tried.  Near the city of Derna, they burnt a pile of drums.  From the Daily Mail:
ISIS in Libya have released pictures of armed fighters burning musical instruments as the extremist group continues its propaganda assault in the north African country.
Pictures of the heavily armed masked militants watching while a pile of drums burnt in the Libyan desert were released earlier today - purportedly by the 'media wing' of the local group.
It is understood the brightly coloured instruments had been confiscated by the religious police, and were destroyed near the port city of Derna, in eastern Libya.
I've heard of music being illegal in some Muslim countries, but these guys have certainly made their intentions clear.  Read the full story.

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