Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Links, Again

The middle of the week is again a convenient time to post a bunch of stories in the news.

From Breitbart London, a Spanish priest infected with ebola will be repatriated.  (Via I'm 41)  UPDATE: From MSN News,  Liberia shuts the hospital where he was infected.

From The Daily Telegraph, eight drunken men attacked children on an Australian schoolbus.  (Via Legal Insurrection)

From International Business News, a case of rats on a plane.

From CNET, the British government will assess the role of Bitcoin in the country's economy.

From CO2 Science, a study on 3000 years of solar activity.

From Bloomberg, Sprint ends their attempt to acquire T-Mobile and names a new CEO.

From Canada Free Press, Canada tightens its requirements for new would-be citizens.

From UPI, assessing the death toll in Gaza is difficult because of different numbers from different sources.

From Fox News, a Navy veteran, after accidentally cutting off four of his fingers, makes his own prosthetic with the help of a friend.

From The Telegraph, commuters in Australia lift their train to free a man's trapped leg.  (Via the New York Post)

In Townhall, Jonah Goldberg opines that liberals are "late to the pot party".

In Yahoo Finance, Liz Peek opines about why President Obama wants amnesty for illegal aliens.

And from Reuters, a Swiss parliament employee has been found Tweeting naked selfies from her office.

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