Monday, August 18, 2014

Strasburg Rail Road

The Strasburg Rail Road, located just east of downtown Strasburg, Pennsylvania on state highway 741, features 45-minute rides on old-fashioned coaches pulled by a steam locomotive.  The train reverses direction at the nearby town of Paradise, within sight of mainline tracks that run eastward to Philadelphia.  While I waited for my ride, I took this pic of two rows of SRR's coaches occupying tracks parallel to where passengers board the train.

The Strasburg station includes a play area for young children, including a set of hand-powered "cranky cars", which move along a scaled-down track.

The station has a miniature steam train, which runs from one end of the publicly open area to the other.

Here's the locomotive, pulling the (full-size) train into the station.

On the return from Paradise, passengers have the option of getting off at Groff's Picnic Grove and catching a later train back to Strasburg.

The train passes by Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, of which this is merely a part.

After returning to Strasburg station, everyone leaves the train.  The tracks for the miniature train are separated from the platform by a fence.

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