Friday, August 1, 2014

Just One More Reason To Oppose Illegal Immigration

I believe that there are many legitimate reasons to oppose illegal immigration, starting with the fact that entering a country without being checked at a port of entry is illegal.  But let's forget for a moment, about the law.  Let's forget about how condoning illegal immigration is unfair to legal immigrants.  Let's forget about the risk of being caught by the Border Patrol.  Let's forget about the risks inherent to trespassing on private property.  Let's forget about the dangers of being used as a "mule" by drug smugglers.  If we ignore all of this, there is one more reason to oppose and discourage illegal entry, the danger coming from the land itself.  With notable exceptions such as Brownsville and El Paso in Texas, Nogales and Yuma in Arizona, and San Diego California, along with the adjacent Mexican cities on the other side of the border, much of the border is barren and remote from urban areas.  Crossing from Mexico into the United States can involve a journey tens of miles long on foot across forbidding desert, and for the part east of El Paso, a wade or swim across the Rio Grande.  During the warm part of the year, the southern border area can get very hot, adding to the dangers.  As a result of all this, some migrants do not survive the journey.  This is one more reason I oppose illegal immigration.  In addition to the harm done to Americans, there is the harm, sometimes fatal, to the illegal immigrants themselves.  For some more of what I mean, read this article in the Mail Online.

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