Thursday, August 14, 2014

NGA Sculpture Garden, Part 2

Continuing with my self-guided tour of the National Gallery of Art sculpture garden, at the south entrance facing Madison Drive is Cubi XXVI, made of metal whose surfaces produced some interesting reflection patterns.

In the middle of the garden is the pool, which is used as an ice skating rink during the winter.  Behind it is the National Archives building.

Near the northwest entrance, facing Constitution Avenue, is Typewriter Eraser, Scale X.

Lurking in the mists and shadows is Spider.

This shot includes Untitled to the left and Aurora to the right, separated by a hedgerow.

That's all for the sculpture garden, whose works are listed here.  Later on, I wandered over to Freedom Plaza and took a picture of this statue of Kazimierz PuĊ‚aski (Casimir Pulaski), the Polish general who fought in the Revolutionary War and died after being wounded in the Battle of Savannah.

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