Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Railroad Museum Of Pennsylvania

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is located just east of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, across the road (state highway 741) from the Strasburg Rail Road.  It includes retired rolling stock from various times in the state's railroad history, in both a large indoor exhibit and an outdoor yard.  In front of the museum are these old locomotives and coal tenders.  To the right is the museum's sign.

I took a few pictures inside the exhibit hall from an upper observation walkway.  Here are some steam locomotives, which appear to be from different time periods.

The diesel-electric locomotives Conrail 2233 and Pennsylvania 4465 each occupy a track, along with some other equipment.  A young boy seems to be fascinated with 2233's front coupling mechanism.  The smokestack of the old steam locomotive above is in the foreground.

In front of Pennsylvania 4465 is the electric locomotive Pennsylvania 4935.

In the outside yard, several freight cars and a yard engine are mounted on short tracks connected to a turntable.

This Lehigh Valley passenger coach is listed in the museum's roster as Parlor Lounge No. 1552.

This is the steam locomotive Pennsylvania 6755, which has a 4-8-2 configuration, with its coal tender.

Finally, here are Pennsylvania 520 (2-8-2) and its tender.

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