Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tennessee Cops Pull Car Over For Sticker

On February 4th, Guido Boggioni and Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, a married couple in their 60's, were driving home to Plano, TX after attending a funeral for his mother in Tennessee.  As they approached Memphis on Interstate 40, they were pulled over by two police SUVs because of sticker on their car.  The cops thought it depicted a marijuana leaf, but it was actually a buckeye, the symbol of Ohio State University.  Jonas-Boggioni had grown up in Columbus and rooted for the Ohio State Buckeyes her entire life.  This event is disturbing because the couple were pulled over for nothing more than a sticker.

Read more at the Columbus Dispatch, where the article's writer suggests that the police might want to learn some botany and something about Ohio State football.  I would think that this would be especially true if Ohio State decides to schedule a game against either the U. of Tennessee or Vanderbilt.  If I ever drive through Tennessee, just to be safe, I won't put any Hokiebird stickers on my car, to avoid being pulled over for smuggling exotic birds.

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