Sunday, February 3, 2013

Barry's Got A Gun

Last August, President Obama went skeet-shooting at Camp David, or so we're told.  Recently, this photo was released, to back up a previous claim that he frequently shoots clay pigeons, and to respond to Representative Marsha Blackburn's (R-TN) challenge to a skeet shoot.  (As Instapundit points out, at least one woman has better shooting form than Barry.)  Along with the pic came a warning not to manipulate it - which didn't get very far.  The American Thinker claims that the photo is a fake in the first place.  I thought that the smoke coming out of the side of the gun's barrel was a bit peculiar, but apparently, some guns have a side exhaust port on the barrel.  Either that, or across the road there was a second shooter hiding in the woody knoll.  Let the conspiracy theories begin!  As indicated by the New York Post and Michelle Malkin's blog, Teh OneTM has inspired quite a bit of mockery with this pic.  From the latter (including a commenter or two thereon), come some of the above links and this whimsical explanation of what he might be shooting at.

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