Thursday, February 28, 2013

Manning Pleads Guilty

Army Pfc Bradley Manning has plead guilty to 10 of the 22 changes against him, which carry up to a 20-year sentence.  He is accused to leaking thousands of battlefield reports, 250,000 diplomatic cables, and other classified material to Wikileaks, in what is thought to be the largest ever leak of U.S. government documents.   Prosecutors may still pursue the other 12 charges, including aiding the enemy, which can carry up to a life sentence.

Read the story at BBC News, the Washington Post, the Christian Science Monitor and the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Manning should have been charged with Sedition and Treason. He should have been facing the Death Penalty. But I fear that the military is becoming more like Manning than like Patton. G-d help us then.