Monday, February 11, 2013

Name Pluto's Moons

Via Mashable:

The celestial body known as Pluto, which was thought of as the ninth planet until being reclassified as a "dwarf planet" due to its small size, is nevertheless orbited by five known moons.  The largest, Charon, has been known for some time.  More recently, two smaller ones have been discovered and named Nix and Hydra.  During the past two years, two more have been found, and given the designations "P4" and "P5".  The P4/P5 Discovery Team has decided to rename the two moons, and give the general public a chance to provide some input.  You can go to Plutorocks and vote for your two favorite names out of a list of 12, or even make your own suggestions.   Because Pluto shares its name with a certain cartoon dog, I think "Mickey" and "Minnie" might be appropriate.


  1. Donald and Daisy comes to mind too.

    1. I would also suggest Goofy, but that one belongs to our Vice President.