Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday News And Links

Featuring the impending Sequester and other topics:

From Reason, a report from the Office of Management and Budget includes a section about sequestration's effect on an agency that no longer exists.  (A federal agency was discontinued?  Merged into another one, maybe?)

From the Daily Caller, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy says that the Sequester amounts to less than what the federal government borrows in a month.

CNS News reports that some government personnel will not be effected by the Sequester - Barry and his predecessors.

From the American Clarion, the Republicans in the Virginia legislature have voted to implement a 3.5% sales tax and to expand Medicaid in accordance with Obamacare. Looks like Virginia now has two tax-and-spend parties.

From Operation Rescue, over on my side of the Potomac, the Maryland Board of Physicians has placed an abortionist on probation after complaints of "substandard care and verbal abuse".

From Slate, the story of a cholera epidemic in Haiti that has claimed over 8,000 lives, and was caused by the UN.

From Rightwing News, 20 of the best pictures from last weekend's "Day Of Resistance" rallies.

From the Washington Times, Mayor Michael Bloomberg calls for New York State to adopt the same ban on large-container sodas now in effect in New York City.

From Weasel Zippers, Vice President Joe Biden says that Americans are "no longer worried" about the economy.  He may be right.  Many of us might either be angry as hell, or just scared out of our minds.

From Business Insider, Secretary of State John Kerry talks about an Asian country that does not exist.

From the Guardian, when First Lady Michelle Obama presented the Oscar for Best Picture to the movie Argo, about a rescue of hostages from Iran, the Iranian media photoshopped her image.

And from SFGate, a man in Portland Maine, charged with disorderly conduct for loud whistling, has reached an agreement with city officials.

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