Sunday, May 13, 2012

Poverty Point Mounds

Poverty Point is a State Historic Site in northeastern Louisiana, comprising a 17-acre central plaza surrounded by six semi-circular ridges and several large mounds.  The place was occupied from around 1650 to 700 BC, the earthworks being constructed around 1400 BC, making them far older than the better-known Hopewell mounds found in the Midwest.

The largest Poverty Point mound, known as Mound A, is thought to have been designed to resemble a bird.  This is the view from its southern side.

Climbing up Mound A takes you between the "legs" of the "bird".  The sign says "no running", which for me is not a problem.

From the top of Mound A, here's the view back down.

Here's the visitor's center, with a modern wooden structure out in front.  The center offers a film about the site's history, and is the starting point for the guided tour, which uses a tram to get around.

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