Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Few Links

Back during my time at AndRightlySo, I would rather frequently make links posts, adopting the practice from the blog's other authors.  Instead a specific topic, we would direct the reader to a variety of things in the news, or maybe to other blogs offering their commentary on recent events.  To continue that tradition here at Bigfoot's Place, it's time for me to run around the Internet, and see what's out there.

From the Daily Mail, a seventy-year old British fighter plane from World War II has been found preserved in the Sahara Desert.  (H/T Apache Clips)

From Reuters, the Chinese government says that firms operating in China must hire more Chinese citizens.

From CNS News, President Obama has formed an interagency natural gas council, to be run by La Raza veteran Cecilia Munoz.

From Conservative Blogs Central, Mitt Romney opposes gay marriage, but favors allowing gay couples to adopt chidren.

From Boot Berryism, Republicans in Arkansas are preparing a welcome reception for George Bush.  This George Bush, however, is not a former president.

From the USA Today, it's Great Britain's newest weatherman, Prince Charles.

From Yahoo News, a family is pulled off a Jet Blue flight because one of them was thought to be on a "no fly" list - an 18-month-old girl.

From PJ Media, welcome to the New Reset Order.

From the Washington Free Beacon, a $100,000 Fisker Karma electric car bursts into flames.  (H/T Director Blue)

From Fox News, a Minnesota couple reported forced their daughter to shave her head and wear diapers, because of bad grades.

And to finish off, from the Roanoke Times, anyone hanging around my alma mater tomorrow had better be on their best behavior, or they just might meet some Secret Service agents, who are there to accompany the commencement speaker.

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