Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Links

Some things in the news:

From Tulsa World, PCP was found in the car of a man fatally shot by police in Tulsa.

From the Daily Mail, Anthony Weiner's latest sexcapade allegedly involves a 15-year-old girl.

From The Huffington Post, scientists believe they know how Pluto got its heart-shaped region.

From The Politistick, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacts to President Obama's recent speech at the U.N.

From PoliZette, an opinion that an inaccurate Tweet by Hillary Clinton might have contributed to the unrest in Charlotte, NC.

From The Washington Free Beacon, Hillary's husband was paid $260,000 for a speech by a trade group that would benefit from the Clinton Foundation.  (Isn't it interesting how the "spread the wealth around" and "stop income inequality" factions of the left don't seem to have much to say about the Clintons?  Or did I miss it when they did?)

From The Guardian, the U.K. economy is doing quite well in spite of all those dire post-Brexit predictions.

From the Express, protesters call Sharia courts in the U.K. "discriminatory".

From USA Today, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani calls President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton "derelict" in the fight against terror.

From National Review, Jonah Goldberg explains how Obama's "trolling" helped fuel the political rise of Donald Trump (R-NY).

From The Jerusalem Post, schools have been evacuated in Prince Edward Island, Canada due to a "potential threat".

From Fox News, a cafeteria worker at a Pennsylvania school quits over a "lunch shaming" policy.

From the Mirror, ISIS executes six boys with welding rods.

From Philly(dot)com, a woman in Philadelphia admits planning to abandon her kids and join ISIS.

From FrontpageMag, Milo Yiannopoulos explains the alt-right.

From Breitbart London, the Hungarian government calls London and other cities "no-go" zones.

From Russia Today, in Syria, a U.S. coalition Predator drone was spotted near a humanitarian convoy when it was attacked.

And from The Washington Post, a Falls Church, Virginia man was a little hard on the beaver.

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