Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has "Medical Episode"

Presidential candidate and former Senator from New York Hillary Clinton reportedly had a "medical episode" at a 9/11 memorial service this morning, causing her to leave early.  She also seemed to stumble and possibly faint as she was helped into the van in which she would ride away.  She went to her daughter Chelsea's home and eventually felt much better.  In this video from InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson shows what happened just before Clinton entered the van.  InfoWars is one of those sites which I regard with a bit of NaCl, but you can watch and decide for yourself.  Watson also alleges that various media outlets are covering up the full extent of Clinton's problems.  (H/T Sue from New Mexico for the Tweet)

[video deleted]

As for the media coverage or lack thereof, you can likewise decide for yourself by reading more at The Washington Post, Fox News, Russia Today, CNN and the Sunday Express.

UPDATE:  The InfoWars video has been taken down due to a copyright claim, so I've removed it since would now do nothing more than take up space.  Some of the same footage of Hillary Clinton being helped into the van also appears in the links from The Washington Post and CNN, so the claim appears to be justified.

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