Friday, September 9, 2016

33-Year-Old Murder Case Finally Solved?

In 1983, a 92-year-old veteran of  World War I living in Buffalo, New York was strangled to death with his own neckties, but noone was charged with the murder.  Thanks to DNA analysis, the case may finally have been solved.  From The Buffalo News:
Thirty-three years after Edmund C. Schreiber, a slightly built, World War I veteran, was found strangled with eight of his own neckties in his Hastings Avenue home, technology caught up with police work. And that police work led to the arrest Wednesday of a Buffalo woman on murder charges. 
Saundra Adams, now 50, who had been a neighbor of Schreiber's in 1983, was arraigned Wednesday in Erie County Court on charges of second degree murder in the long unsolved killing.
Investigators believe Adams acted with someone else in the attack on Schreiber, who was 92 years old when he was killed. Schreiber, born in 1891, was orphaned as a child, served in WWI and was awarded a Purple Heart. He and his wife raised their family in the house on Hastings, where they lived for more than 50 years. Schreiber’s wife died about five years before he was killed.
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