Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Links

With the latest Hump Day upon us, here are some things in the news:

France builds a wall and Britain pays for it.

Police in one German city prepare to deal with crime by migrants.

Air China's magazine is not politically correct about London.

A car with gas cylinders is found next to Notre Dame cathedral.

How the U.S. government failed to defend its computers.

Some sad news about LSU's mascot Mike VI.

The Democrats generally support LGBT people, but not always.  (H/T LSU Jeff for the Tweet)

The drug war in Mexico has created a boom in the private security industry.

ISIS stones a man for adultery and forces civilians to participate.

In Algeria, a three-year sentence for insulting Islam is upheld on appeal.

A top Saudi imam calls for killing Shiites, Jews and Christians.

The Kurdish president arrives in Paris.

A look at Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy.

Hillary gets what I'll call a coffee endorsement.

One conservative writer remembers Phyllis Schlafly.


A Hungarian professor recommends a very harsh policy toward Muslims.

In Nevada, an escaped suspect is recaptured.

Car loan debt tops $1 trillion.

And finally, this phenomenon in Russia might give a new meaning to the song Red River Valley.

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