Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Links

As the middle of the week rolls around, here are some things in the news:

From CNN, a second hospital worker in Texas has been diagnosed with ebola.

From Sky News, the United Nations says that the world has 60 days to beat ebola.

From Frontpage Mag, the ebola outbreak was not caused by any Republican budget cuts.

From Christianity Today, a nurse who survived ebola says that "medicine alone won't cure West Africa".

From CBS Las Vegas, vandals spray "ebola quarantine zone" on the entrance to a gated community in Scottsdale, Arizona.

From Gateway Pundit, thousands of chemical weapons were found in Iraq, at a place now controlled by ISIS.

From MyFoxChicago, New York factory growth in October has been the lowest in six months.

From UPI, Iran "shrugs off" the recent decline in oil prices.

From Life News, a clinic in Florida stopped performing abortions when pro-lifers showed up to pray.

From Newsweek, the Syrian city of Kobane continues to resist ISIS.

From Pantagraph, in Jerusalem, Israeli police clash with Palestinians.

From ABC News, a North American group seeks to buy an Italian soccer team.

From Fox News, a town in Virginia suffers from the "war on coal".

From CNN Travel, train travel is making a comeback.

And from Consequence Of Sound, Foo Fighters jam with the Wilson sisters on David Letterman.

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