Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ebola Patient In Dallas Area Identified

The first person to be diagnosed with ebola in the United States has been identified as Thomas Eric Duncan, who flew from Liberia to Belgium to Washington's Dulles Airport to Dallas to visit family members.  In two related stories:

The Star-Telegraph reports that up to 80 people may have had contact with Duncan.

CNN Health has a Q&A on Duncan and his experience with ebola.

Both stories link to an article in The New York Times, which reported that Duncan, with two other men, helped carry a woman from a taxi to her house, because she could not walk.  This occurred on September 15, five days before Duncan arrived in the Dallas area.  The woman and one of the two men have since died.

UPDATE 1: From WFAA, Liberian officials have said that Duncan will be prosecuted when he returns, because he allegedly lied on a health questionnaire by denying that he had come into contact with anyone suffering from ebola.

UPDATE 2:  From FOX 13, health officials in Salt Lake City are investigating a "possible, but unlikely case" of ebola at a children's hospital.

UPDATE 3:  The WFAA story is no longer available, but NBC News also carried the story.

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