Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Links

As the workweek begins, here are some things in the news:

From CNBC, the Supreme Court has decided not to take up the appeals from several states on the issue of gay marriage.  In a commentary, Legal Insurrection opines that SCOTUS "may have decided gay marriage by not deciding".  This, in turn, may prove that Rush (not Limbaugh, but the Canadian rock group) was right when they said, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

From My Fox Chicago, the Kenyan president is stepping down.  (No, this is NOT about Obama.)

From the Mail Online, a study in Japan suggests that warmer temperatures lead to more babies being female.

From Breitbart London, E-cig maker Totally Wicked wins the right to challenge the EU Tobacco Products Directive.

From Tech Crunch, a Canadian Pastafarian (believer in the Flying Spaghetti Monster) is fighting for the right to wear a colander on his head when having his picture taken for his driver's license.

The New York Post tells us that we shouldn't "write Tom Brady’s football obituary just yet."

From The New York Times, a shipment of medical supplies to Sierra Leone has been delayed since August.

From Fox News, during the past two years, Colorado welfare recipients have withdrawn money, provided by taxpayers, from places such as Las Vegas, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands.  Let me get this straight.  You can be poor enough to qualify for welfare in Colorado, even if you can afford to travel to Hawaii or the Virgin Islands.  Or did the taxpayers also pay for the trip?

From CNET, GT Advanced Technologies, which supplies sapphire products to Apple, has filed for bankruptcy.

From WFAA, as Thomas Duncan remains in critical condition suffering from ebola, the mayor of Dallas calls him "our citizen now".

From ABC News, Canada's Postmedia buys Sun Media.

From the Chicagoist, a man pleads guilty to stealing a Stradivarius violin.

And from the Daily Republic, this place (in California) is for the birds.

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