Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Links

Some things going on out there:

From Business Insider, two vessels sunk during World War II have been discovered off the coast of North Carolina.

From UPI, a teenager in Ohio who died in a haunted house had a heart condition.

From Fox News, a Florida District Court of Appeals judge has ruled that red-light camera operators cannot legally issue citations.

From Reuters, a French CEO and three others were killed when his private jet crashed into a snowplow at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport.

From The Verge, Microsoft has released a new version their Windows 10 preview.

From MyFoxChicago, the CEO of Canadian Pacific says that U.S regulators would approve a merger with CSX.

From CBS Chicago, cops shoot and kill a teenager wielding a knife, on Chicago's South Side.

From the Daily Herald, McDonald's profits drop 30% and five problems they're facing.

From The Hill, travelers from ebola-affected countries to the U.S. will be allowed to enter only through five designated airports.

From ABC News, the FBI has tracked down three teenage American girls in Germany, who were allegedly trying to travel to Syria.

From The Telegraph, while President Obama was voting, some guy teased him by saying "don't touch my girlfriend."  (Personally, I think the man was two presidents too late.)

From The Roanoke Times, the Virginia Creeper Trail has been entered into the Rails To Trails Conservancy's hall of fame.

From The Washington Free Beacon, Democrats in Pennsylvania are angry that localities in the state can be sued for illegally passing gun laws, even though state law forbids localities from passing this very type of law.  (via The Federalist Papers)

And from CNET, a product that makes going to the bathroom more colorful.

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