Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Links

Here in the middle of the week, a few stories in the news:

From UPI, National Security Advisor Susan Rice says that yesterday's air strikes against ISIS "had an impact".

From The Weekly Standard, President Obama brings up Ferguson, MO in his speech to the UN.

From CBS St. Louis, meanwhile back in Ferguson, there was more unrest, including a fire that destroyed a memorial to Michael Brown.

From Real Clear Politics, an excerpt and some video of Obama's speech.

The Daily Caller alleges that White House staff censors press pool reports.

From Chicagoist, former Mayor Dailey and C3 continue to mutually benefit.

From LifeNews, Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari, who has killed four women in botched abortions, has been denied renewal of his license.

From Legal Insurrection, a whistle blower stands by his story.

From MyFoxChicago, Citizens Financial Group sees its stock price rise during its debut on the NYSE.

From The Local, Germany's attempt to arm Iraqi Kurds experiences technical difficulties.  (via Breitbart London)

From the Washington Free Beacon, Mr. Bill and Ms. Hill appear to have adopted Walls Street's position on inversions.

From the Mail Online, ISIS-linked terrorists in Algeria behead a French hostage.

From Fox News, Charlottesville police have charged a man with abduction in the case of a missing University of Virginia student.  UPDATE:  He has been arrested in Galveston, TX.

From Grantland, a professional athlete gets "the yips".

And from the New York Post, a woman claims that her boobs are real, including her surgically-added third one.

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