Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Links

With the new work week upon us, here are some things in the news:

From ABC News, Hurricane Odile slams into Mexico's Baja California Peninsula.

From MyFoxChicago, Urban Outfitters have been slammed for their Kent State sweatshirt.

From MyFoxDC, the FAA approves a runway for drones being tested in Texas.

From Fox News, the White House claims that Arab nations have offered to join in air strikes against ISIS.

From Politico, the Justice Department plans to "step up" their fight against terrorist recruitment.

From LifeNews, Germany dedicates a memorial to the disabled people killed in the Holocaust.

From UPI, a poll of people in the United Kingdom outside of Scotland indicates that they want Scotland to stay in the UK.

From The Verge, Coca-Cola has decided to bring back the lemon-lime soda called SURGE.

From The Washington Post, some Marriott hotels will be leaving envelops in their rooms, so you can tip the housekeepers.

From The Blaze, there's lithium in the water supply.

From The Washington Free Beacon, Israeli army officials believe that Hezbollah's future plans include ground assaults into Israel.

From the New York Post, in Australia, a vet performs life-saving surgery on a 10-year-old goldfish.

From Townhall, a CAIR spokesman compares Fox News to ISIS.

From the Northwest Herald, the US water ski show team wins the world championship.

From Page Six, an actress who claimed that she was stopped by police for being black and in the company of a white man, were allegedly having sex in their car.

And from Entertainment Weekly, the show Dating Naked will be renewed for a second season.

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