Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Links

A few stories in the news:

From Reuters, the U.S. House of Representatives passes a "clean" bill to increase the debt ceiling.

From Bizpac Review, the murderer of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry receives a 30-year sentence.

From Life News, an abortionist facing criminal charges has been found after being on the lam for 11 years.

From the New York Post, GOP donors are starting to have their doubts about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's presidential prospects.

From Catholic News Service, the daily routine of retired Pope Benedict.

From Foodbeast and the "say goodbye to your arteries" department, 7-Eleven stores are test-marketing deep-fried Doritos stuffed with cheese.

From The New York Times, the text of new Mayor Bill DeBlasio's (D) first state of the city address.  (Via Breitbart's Big Government)

From Independent Journal Review, even MSNBC disapproves of the latest delay in the implementation of Obamacare.

From Watchdog(dot)org, many Minnesota state agencies have failed to file a report on outdated rules.

ABC News recalls "five films in which Shirley Temple shined".  (See today's earlier post on her passing.)

From Gateway Pundit, President Obama claims that Obamacare gives women the chance to work on the farm.  That's interesting.  I thought that women have worked on farms, alongside men, for thousands of years.  (Via Weasel Zippers)

From IPT News, CAIR appears to have no tolerance for other Muslim viewpoints.

And from BabaMail, those amazing Russian circus cats.

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