Sunday, February 9, 2014

Old Trinity Church

About a mile west of Church Creek, Maryland is the Old Trinity Church, which was first constructed around 1670, and then restored during the 1950's.  The church is just off state route 16 and surrounded by a rather large cemetery.  The first picture shows the front and one side, including a bell on a separate pole.  Notice how some gravestones are right next to the church.

This shot shows the back of the church and the other side, with part of a gravestone in the left foreground.  Notice the rounded section of the back wall.

Here are some gravestones behind the back of the church, including two circular stones that look like they may have previously been millstones used for grinding grain.

In another part of the church grounds is this curved columbarium, used to store urns that contain the ashes of the deceased, who are identified on each corresponding plaque.

The Old Trinity Church has its own website and is mentioned in Scenic USA.

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