Saturday, February 1, 2014

Illegal Aliens In Illinois Start Getting Driver's Licenses

Via Champion News:

According to a song by Genesis, "it's no fun being an illegal alien", but in Illinois and 9 other states, illegal aliens can get driver's licenses because of laws passed in 2013.  Each license is good for three years and includes a purple border instead of the normal red border.  State officials expect up to 500,000 illegal aliens might apply for what are called "temporary visitors licenses".  Applicants must set up appointments in order to start the application process.  They required to take vision, written and road tests, and provide proof of insurance and residence in Illinois for at least a year.  This begs a question.  If applicant must reside in Illinois for at least a year, and may have the license for up to three more years, how can the licences be legitimately called "temporary" and "visitor's"?

According to one state official, providing these licences won't be easy.
“It’s a monumental task,” said Henry Haupt, spokesman for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.
If Mr. Haupt thinks that the task is "monumental" now, how big does he (or anyone else) think the task will be if amnesty immigration reform is passed, causing numerous more illegal aliens to allegedly "come out of the shadows", and many more (if the 1986 amnesty is any indication) to come in illegally afterwards?

Read the story at The Southern.

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