Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Links To Start 2014

As the new year starts off, here's a bit of what's going on:

From ABC News, federal investigators at the scene of an oil train derailment in North Dakota have found a broken rail car axle.

From World Net Daily, according to a nun in Syria, some rebels are making money by selling the blood of Christians whom they had beheaded.

From The Daily Caller, former lawyer Lynne Stewart, jailed for acting as a courier for her client, will be released from prison because she is suffering from cancer.

From the Mindanao Examiner, seven people were killed by the explosion of a bomb that was planted near the house of a pro-government militia leader, who was hosting a New Year's Eve party.  (via Jihadwatch)

From CNN, one person is killed and 12 injured in a double car bomb attack in Mogadishu.

From Israeli Defense Forces, eight female soldiers who shattered barriers in 2013.

From the Mail Online, ten ponies which had been used in medical experiments have been saved from being slaughtered.

From Illinois Watchdog, the top ten moments of government waste from 2013.

From Fox News, James Avery of the TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air died earlier today due to complications from heart surgery.

From Life News, abortions in Pennsylvania decreased by 4.8% in 2012.

From Stars And Stripes, young veterans are dealing with a cut to their pensions.

And from the Daily Blast, a woman scavenged a used couch, which contained a snake.

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