Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dems To Discuss Income Inequality At Expensive Hotel

Via Weasel Zippers:

Now that the Democrats have decided to make "income inequality" their main issue in the 2014 elections, they have also determined where to discuss there issues - at a hotel in New York which charges at least $695 per night for a room.  I would thus suggest that they might start by comparing their Congressional salaries with the average yearly income for an American household.  Perhaps former Speaker Nancy Pelosi might start her part of the discussion by explaining how she (combined with her husband) got to be worth about $100 million.

Read the story at Breitbart's Big Government.

If I had my way, during every election, all officeholders who seek re-election should be required to answer the following three questions:
1.  How much were you and your spouse, if there is one, worth during the most recent election cycle?
2.  How much are you and your spouse, if there is one, currently worth?
3.  How do you account for any difference between then and now?
Any new office-seekers should have to answer question #2.

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