Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Links

As much of the world awaits tonight's lunar eclipse, here are some things going on here on Earth:

From CNN, people travel to see Pope Francis.

From ABC News, the pope meets with victims of sex abuse by priests.

From ESPN, at the Rams-Steelers football game, pyrotechnics sets part of the field on fire.

From Pantagraph, a Kenyan runner wins the Berlin Marathon.

From The Washington Free Beacon, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton admits that much of the story about her use of a personal email server is out of her control.

From WUIS, Iraq will share anti-ISIS intelligence with Iran and Russia.

From Epoch Times, President Obama and other world leaders will address a United Nations summit.

From Newsmax, soon-to-be-former Speaker John Bo(eh)ner (R-Ohio) calls his more conservative opponents "unrealistic".

From Gatestone Institute, the German government has been enacting some coercive measures in order to accommodate incoming migrants.

From the Sunday Express, ISIS crucifies Christians.

From France24, almost 30,000 foreigners have gone to Iraq to join ISIS.

From Yahoo News, French airplanes attack ISIS, but just for show.

From Bloomberg Business, in Catalonia's regional election, parties favoring separation from Spain are close to winning a majority of votes.  (via Zero Hedge)

From The Washington Post, presidential candidate Jeb Bush (R-FL) faces "make or break time".

From The Hill, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson are running a very close first and second among Republicans.

And from Fox News, in Spearfish, South Dakota, someone stole a 100-pound pumpkin.

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