Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Links

As the first weekend of the NCAA football season gets underway (which actually started with a few games yesterday), here are some other things going on out there:

From FrontpageMag, what's really going on with the Syrian refugee crisis.

From the New York Post, Kansas University has lifted their lockdown after reports of a possible gunman on campus.

From LifeNews, an abortionist conducted research on the brains of aborted babies who had Down syndrome.  (If a baby has Down syndrome but the mother doesn't, wouldn't that imply that before birth the baby is not part of the mother's body?)

From the New York Daily News, shoe thieves are apprehended after posting pics of themselves with the goods on Facebook.

From Vermont Watchdog, the state of Vermont (or as I call it, the other VT), long known for its lack of billboards, has more recently been experiencing solar sprawl.

From CNN, a report on the Boeing 777-9X, which has folding wingtips.

From Fox News, the Chinese warships sailing near Alaska earlier this week reportedly came within 12 miles of the coast, thus entering U.S. waters.

From the Daily Mail, New York City has 80 encampments for the homeless.  (via End Times Headlines, and H/T Kristy Lonestar for Tweeting this)

From NBC Chicago, this month's upcoming lunar eclipse will be a supermoon.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, an 11-year-old boy fatally shoots a 16-year-old allegedly invading his home.

From the Washington Post, a look at who led on September 4 of the respective year preceding the past few presidential elections.

From Wired, the latest Transporter movie has a different leading actor than the previous three.

From ABC News, the Spanish prime minister calls the migration Europe's "top challenge".

From Deutsch Welle, the UN calls for the EU to accept as many as 200,000 refugees.  Poland says stop the illegal migration.  (via Refugee Settlement Watch).

From FiveThirtyEight, today's Significant Digits.

From CNS News, while the unemployment rate decreases, the participation rate stays at a record low for the third straight month.

From Townhall, a report in President Obama's "Alaska Global Warming Field Trip".

And from Reboot Illinois, cartoonist Scott Stantis takes a swipe at Chicago Mayor (and Obama friend) Rahm Emanuel (D).

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