Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Links

Some follow-up on the Nepal earthquake, and other stories in the news:

From AOL, people in Nepal have been dealing with aftershocks, power outages and shortages of food and water.  Over 3700 people are now reported to have died.

From the New York Post, two natives of New York City survived the avalanche on Mount Everest.

From ABC News, a "global effort" to help victims of the earthquake gets underway, but is hampered by conditions at the Kathmandu airport.

From WGN TV, Chicagoans of Nepalese origin raise money for the relief effort.

From The Washington Times, President Obama supports a 20% cut to military retirement.  (via Truth And Action)

From the Washington Examiner, under a new agreement with the United States, the Japanese military will be allowed to defend countries other than itself.

From Legal Insurrection, how the Clintons apparently believe that they are above the law.

From Epoch Times, South Caroline prosecutor recommends jail time for two former policemen who wrongly shocked a woman with a taser.

From Fraud Of The Day, three people are sentenced for running a fraudulent tax refund check cashing scheme.  (via Watchdog(dot)org)

From The Telegraph, prosecutors recommend the death sentence for Colorado cinema shooter James Holmes.

From Reuters, the EU anti-trust case against Google is reportedly based on 19 complaints.

From the Express, a British candidate for a seat in Parliament runs a website that helps immigrants, who have not yet become U.K. citizens, to claim tax credits.

From BBC News, the president of Sudan easily wins re-election.

From Yahoo Politics, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg "has already made up her mind on gay marriage".

From Fox News, the Pontiac Trans Am used by Burt Reynolds in Smokey And The Bandit sells for $172,000 at auction.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Burger King boasts their biggest sales jump in almost a decade, due in part to their spicy Whopper.

And going back to the Washington Times, 12-year-old cancer survivor Rose McGrath has been reinstated by the Catholic school from which she had been expelled.

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