Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Links

A few things going on, as the next weekend approaches:

From WUIS, tornadoes strike in Illinois and other midwestern states.

From IlHouseGOP Caucus Blog, ways to help the victims of the tornado that struck in Fairdale, Illinois.

From Fraud Of The Day, a speech therapist fraudulently bills insurance companies for over $3.7 million.  (via Watchdog(dot)org)

From the New York Post, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently toyed with the idea of running for mayor of London, but who is not qualified because he doesn't live in the UK, gets a nice consolation prize - knighthood.  Should we now address him as "Your Honor" or "Sir Michael"?

From the Chicago Tribune, the federal government is asked to forgive the student loans for thousand of people who enrolled at Corinthian Colleges.  (No, this is not about Greece's financial problems.)

From The Washington Times, the PAC of former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) slams former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-NY) for her emails.

From The Blaze, President Obama (D-US) talks by phone with President Raul Castro (Com-Cuba).

From The Daily Signal, what the media gets wrong about Cuba.

From the Daily Mail, ISIS executes 10 doctors who refused to treat their wounded members.

In Frontpage Mag, Daniel Greenfield explains why the left wants Iran to have nuclear weapons.

In National Review, Jonah Goldberg discusses the possible death penalty for convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and for South Carolina policeman Michael Slager, who was videoed as he shot Walter Scott after a traffic stop, and has been charged with murder.

From Fox News, college basketball player Lauren Hill dies of brain cancer, at age 19.

From EarthSky, photos of Venus and the Pleiades.

And from Page Six, magician Penn Gillette makes 105 pounds disappear.

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