Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fatwa Bans Snow Camels

Via UPI and Doug Stephan's Good Day:

After a rare snow storm in northern Saudi Arabia, which was probably caused by global warming, climate change, or whatever it's called now, some of the residents decided build snowmen or snow camels.  But as reported by Gulf News, a religious scholar named Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed issued a fatwa against such snow sculptures, saying that representations of humans or animals "could not be condoned", but " lifeless things, such as ships, fruit and buildings could be imitated".

If snow buildings are permissible under this fatwa, would Al Minjed have any objections to a snow Kaaba or a snow Dome of the Rock?  And wouldn't fruit be lifeless only after it is picked from the tree?  In any event, read the full story.  In case there is any uncertainty, this post gets a "Stupid People" label because of the guy issuing the fatwa, not because of the snow sculptors.

UPDATE:  Regrettably, the Gulf News link no longer works.  However, the UPI link contains most of the story.

UPDATE 2:  The Gulf News links seems to be back.  So if it's available, read the full story there.

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