Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Historic Anniversary, And Today's News

On January 27, 1945 Soviet troops advancing westward liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp from the occupying Germans.  Today marks the 70th anniversary of that event.

Today, many have gathered at the former camp, which has been a museum since 1947.  Reports of today's remembrance, and other related stories, may be found at BBC News, Yahoo News, The Independent, The Guardian, Deutsche Welle, CBC News and The Jerusalem Post.

In today's news:

From The Daily Caller, in the New York State Assembly, some Democrats have turned against Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), who is now facing corruption charges. UPDATE:  From the New York Post, Silver has agreed to step down as Speaker.

From Reuters, President Obama seeks close ties with the new king of Saudi Arabia.

From ABC News, a gunman shoots two police officers just outside a city council meeting in Minnesota.

From The Washington Free Beacon, gunmen in Tripoli, Libya have stormed a hotel and killed at least eight people.

From AZCentral, a suspect charged in a shooting in Mesa, Arizona had been released on bond from federal custody while facing deportation proceedings.

In Right Wing News, Thomas Sowell presents his latest Random Thoughts.

From Catholic Online, a company in San Francisco presents their new electric scooter.

From The Washington Post, vaccine denial in California quadrupled from 2000 to 2013.

From Red Alert Politics, last night's snowstorm was not nearly as bad in New York City as had been predicted.

And from The Verge, an ultra high-speed camera captures the flightpath of a laser beam.

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