Sunday, March 9, 2014

Washington's Birthplace, Part 1

George Washington, the first president (under the Constitution) of the United States, was born at Pope's Creek Plantation, also known as Wakefield, in Colonial Beach, Virginia.  The plantation is now a National Monument, and is adjacent to its namesake body of water, which connects to the south side of the Potomac.  These are some pictures from my recent visit.  The entrance features a smaller version of the Washington Monument.

Here is the obelisk from a different angle.  The apparent tilt is from the angle of my camera.  One of the edges looks serrated, but I think that it might be an illusion produced by the camera.

In this next photo, the white building to the left is a kitchen.  The house on the right does not date from Washington's time, but was built later in the style of houses of that era.

The white gravel outlines show the location of the house in which Washington was born, with the same house as above in the background.

In another part of the site is the log house, the sides of which have been painted white.

The plantation includes a few reconstructed farm buildings.  I would say that this one might have been a storage shed.

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