Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Links

As Barry and Mitt prepare to go at each other tonight, let's see what else is going on.

Let's start with Barry's campaign.  From Breitbart's Big Government, Obama campaign staffers in Florida have allegedly posed as election officials.

From The Hill, according to the CDC, teen births are at a historic low.

From the Christian Post, Tyndale House Publishers has joined a lawsuit against the Obama administration's abortion pill mandate.

From the American Thinker, the alliance - and similiarities - between progressives and islamists.

From the Daily Mail, a main busted for his 7th DUI claims he swerved to avoid an elephant.

From Yahoo Sports, it's the artist known as LSU Freak.

From the News Observer, forget underwater basketweaving and ballroom dancing.  Instead, quite a few UNC athletes have been taking a class in Naval Weapons Systems.

From NBC News, and the "you can't make this us" department, a suspicious elongated object bearing the word "Kaboom" was not a pipe bomb, but a walking stick belonging to Natural Hunka Kaboom, who claims that his last name was shortenend from the Polish name "Kaboomski".

From Yahoo News, a prosecutor in New Orleans is arrested in court, after a joint falls out of his pocket.

Also from Yahoo News, a UFO seen over Cincinnati has been identified.

From SFGate, a dog that took an 11-mile ride stuck in a car's grille has been reunited with its owners.

And finally, via Iconic Surrealism, the RNC's ad featuring VP Biden's inadvertent truth telling.

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